Adjuvant is the common term used to define all of the products used to facilitate the application of ag chemicals.  As defined by ASTM (Association of Standards Testing Materials) “A material added to a tank mix to aid or modify the action of an agrichemical, or the physical characteristics of the mixture.”

The following is a list of products available from Winfield United that are for adjuvant or utility applications.
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ChemSurf 80           80/20 Nonionic Surfactant
ChemSurf 90           90/10 Nonionic Surfactant
Translate                 Surfactant w/High Oil Content & Deposition
Wetcit                     Spreader Wetter for Insecticides & Fungicides
Sur-plus                    Silicone Surfactant
Pro-Long                 Silicone Oil Based Surfactant/Extender
Premium COC        83/17 Crop Oil Concentrate
Between                   60/40 High Surfactant Oil Concentrate
Soy Oil Spray         Soybean Oil Concentrate
Succeed/Ultra                   Methylated Soybean Oil
AirfForce                Methylated Soybean oil w/Silicone Surfactant
Downdraft              Deposition & Canopy Penetration
Affect GC               Drift Control Concentrate
Shroud II                 Drift Control – Dry Guar Based
S-Sul                       Spray Grade Ammonium Sulfate
Amsol           Ammonium Sulfate Liquid
Chem-N                  28 % UAN Solution
Refined AMS Milled with Antifoam
AMS2000               Refined AMS Milled w/Drift Control & Antifoam @17lb/100
AMS 20/10            Refined AMS Milled w/Drift Control & Antifoam @ 10lb/100
PayOff Plus            Refined AMS Milled w/Surfactant, Drift Control & Antifoam
AMSol Plus            Liquid AMS w/Drift Control @ 5gal/100
Amsurf Xtra            Liquid AMS Milled w/Surfactant, Drift Control & Antifoam
DoubleDown           Liquid AMS w/Drift Control @2.5 gal/100
Ultra-Lite               Liquid AMS w/1qt Surfactant @ 2.5 gal/100
Ultrasurf AMS        Liquid AMS w/2qts Surfactant @ 5 gal/100
Speedway                Replaces AMS w/Glyphosate
Formula 1               Water Conditioner plus Drift Control
Fastrack                  Water Conditioner plus Surfactant
Sprint ADT            Water Conditioner plus Surfactant & Drift Control
Landmark               80:1 Foam Concentrate
Hot n’ Dry              100:1 Foam Concentrate
Foam Dye               Red, Blue, & Yellow
Foamer/Softener    Water Softener for Foamer Tanks
Foamer/Antifreeze Methanol
Foam Breaker         Silicone Antifoam
Neutralize Dry        Dry Tank Cleaner
Neutralize Liquid   Liquid Tank Cleaner
Neutralize OH        Dry Tanker Cleaner for Flumioxazin
Compatibility Plus Standard Compatibility Agent
Hi-Comp                 Compatibility for metolachlor premixes
Bubblegum              Bubblegum scent to mask chemical odors
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